Our Wide Range of Products

We do not shy away from new areas of application and materials either. Thanks to our many years of experience and wide range of machinery, we are sure to find a solution for your special request.

Our Wide Range of Products

Adhesive Labels

Adhesive labels in all common designs

Advertising Banderoles

Advertising banderoles made of LDPE for labeling small fruit and vegetable packs

Attachment Labels

For labeling potato sacks, fruit and vegetable crates, etc.

Banknote Banderole

Paper banderole with PE coating on the back

Bar Labels

High-quality bar labels in various formats and materials - for labeling fruit and vegetable net packaging.

Barrier Tape

Advertising media - e.g. for events, trade fairs, construction sites, sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, advertising campaigns, etc.

Cardboard Labels

Cardboard labels from 80 g/sqm paper to 350 g/sqm, printed or unprinted as required with perforation, grooving, hanger hole, hole reinforcement, control punching, beveled or round corners in various formats and materials.

Carry Fresh Banderoles

Carry Fresh banderoles made of PE/PP composite film for e.g. potato or onion bags

cartoHemp Paper

A new innovation, made from an ancient source, HEMP. The exceptionally long hemp fibers make this paper tear-resistant and wet-strength. The raw material is grown regionally and processed into paper, a very CO2-friendly cycle.


The new mono packaging made of paper from the roll for potatoes. Can be used on all vertically and horizontally operating, conventional tubular bag machines.

Clipper Tape

Tear-resistant, 19 mm wide tape on a roll for marking clipper nets


Finishing of papers and nonwovens with a special coating for use in the food service and catering sector as well as in load securing

Contract Printing

All materials (paper, films, laminates, non-woven, thermoforming films) can also be printed by us on a contract basis.

Contract Work

With our wide range of systems, we can shape all materials into the form you require.

Corona Pretreatment

All materials can be optimally pre-treated for printing.

Cutlery Banderoles

Cutlery banderoles for airline and catering companies


Advertising banderole for labeling Girsack nets in which fruit and vegetables are packed.

Labeling Tape

Labeling tape made of PE films in various colors and widths


Laminates up to 1.25 m wide can be laminated on our laminating system.

Layer Pads

Anti-slip coated layer pads to secure your load on pallets

Paper Banderoles

Paper banderoles for labeling, information or as a decorative element.

Plastic Flags

Plastic flags for weatherproof marking of potato and onion varieties in 35 x 250 mm format

Stretch Film

Printed and unprinted stretch film

Tracking Strips

We print banderoles made of soft PVC as tracking strips with up to 6 colors.


Non-slip tray inserts and blanks for catering and airline supplies

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