40 Years of Experience and Technical Know-how

Producing high-quality flexible packaging is a challenge. With decades of experience and the corresponding professional knowledge of the technology and materials used, almost any packaging requirement can be solved.

40 Years of Experience and Technical Know-how

Printing Techniques

Our printing options

By concentrating on the printing of flexible materials, we have specialized our machinery in flexographic printing. An additional laminating system and various finishing systems increase the variety of applications.

Flexo Printing

The machinery at the Cartomat Willich plant comprises approx. 20 printing machines, and a further 12 flexographic printing machines at the Schiefbahn plant, which have been specially expanded and extended for many different applications. This gives us maximum flexibility in terms of materials, coatings, colors, motifs and widths.

Corona Pretreatment

Not every material is easy to print on. Inks only adhere to materials such as polyolefins, polypropylene and polyethylene to a limited extent.

Corona pre-treatment creates the basis for secure and firm adhesion of the printing inks. We can use it in all widths to ensure optimum ink adhesion.

Additional Processing

The Possibilities of Finishing

Printed film only becomes flexible packaging through further processing.

We offer extensive finishing and processing options so that your products integrate seamlessly into your packaging process.

Some examples are

  • Precisely positioned cutting - crosswise / lengthwise
  • perforation
  • Punching out shapes
  • Lamination of printed and unprinted materials
  • packaging
  • Special packaging requirements
  • Anti-slip coating (see below)


We also laminate all materials with solvent-free glue.


We produce all types of cuts, corner roundings, punchings and perforations in our finishing department.

Anti-slip Coating

We can provide paper + fleece with a special anti-slip coating. This reliably prevents objects placed on the paper from slipping. A real plus for tray inserts, placemats, paper tablecloths or pallet liners, for example.


Applicable Materials

The versatility of printable materials has always been our outstanding strength.

Our standard materials:

  • Films from 12 µm to 600 µm (e.g. PE, PET, OPP, OPE, metallized film)
  • Paper and cardboard from 40 g/m² to 200 g/m²
  • Stretch film, stretch film
  • Aluminum composites
  • non-woven
  • Tyvek

The surface quality is important for printability. We can therefore also provide all widths with corona pre-treatment to ensure that the printing inks adhere firmly and securely.

If you have special or unusual material ideas for your packaging, please contact us. We are up to the challenge and will do everything we can to find a solution for your material.

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